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Bittersweet lines from a pocket flyer (extract #1)


Men’s extinction has begun.
The male functions will decline,
Following the drop of Y chromosomes.
Eventually, we’ll become super idols carved in marble,
Topped by a gigantic phallus, to watch on a memorial trip,
At the amusement park.
Something funny and entertaining,
Like was manhood after all, when it bred no violence.

Around a century after, we may not even be missed.
Not as procreators, fully supplied by science.
Not as fathers, specially in a manless world.
Even not as lovers. Ladies do it better, they say.

But more than a gender,
We were your haters, your worshippers.
We were glorious freaks, jokers, story-tellers,
Trouble-makers at the party.
We were gamblers, pretenders, performers on steroids,
Geniuses, or losers, unwilling to resign.

We weren’t kings, we were the fools at women’s court.
And we raised hell by fearing heavens.
Cheated on the best girls by fearing love.
Defined as men by fearing women.

You let us take the lead, and we fucked it up, right.
God knows we fucked it up.
But you’re gonna get so bored without us,
In your perfect womankind.
Bored and peaceful,
Growing hair for the coming ice age,
Like cavemen in a cheap sci-fi.
Like your sweetheart, the cat.

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Flowers to your enemies…

The day that you die, from a rude heart attack,
And you see all your life suddenly flashing back ;
Then you will sense how you did no right,
When there should be heaven in white light.

Too late for regrets or apologies,
And no flowers sent to your enemies…
Then receive mine, through your agony.
I’ll see you at the ceremony.


Friends Details.

Friends request.
Friends impressed.
Friends, unless…
Friends on test.

Friends email.
Friends for sale.
Friends unveil,
Friends details…

Friends of wood.
Friends for good.
Friends who could.
Friends who should.

Friends “of mine”.
Friends online.
Friends have wine…
Friends decline.

Friends who dare.
Friends too bare…
Friends’ « take care ».
Friends’ affair.

Friends comment.
Friends repent.
Friends you sent.
Friends you spent.

Friends expect.
Friends select.
Friends regrets.
Friends in debts.

Friends you hate.
Friends you date.
Friends too late.
Friends can wait.

Friends update.
Friends new mate.
Friends you rate.
Friends in fate.

Friends details…

Add Friends

Apocalypse on trial (a street scenario)

I remember that girl crossing the pavement to meet me,
Who surely thought I was some kind of a street writer…
Facing a brave teaser, I’d rather set my pencil free.
She was yet to rejoin her friends, heading for the near grocer’s.

And then God blew out the whole street…

The girl in that store never went back on the outside.
She probably guessed it would be happening,
When she said “I don’t wanna turn your inspiration dry,
Sorry if I’ve driven you out of your thinking”.

She knew I was gonna write the whole scene.

At first the pavement split out.
Then women started to shout,
Feeling her bones ready to crash,
Watching the men suddenly smashed.

I’d seen’em dead.
Now saw them die.
Yet no one bled,
That was a try.

No word to spread,
Not even “why ?”.
I turned my head.
I’m no one’s spy.

And as my hand it froze, all damage disappeared.
With the girl _I suppose, who left my page uncleared…

rue dévastée

You never choke (on love)

« Don’t ask me for a cigarette,
While you rave at the smoke.
Nor count on any due regret,
When you’re given a stroke.

You take it like a disrespect,
Then soothe me with a joke.
I’m not the one you did expect,
Pretend we never spoke. »

Don’t trap me in another wait,
And puff when you should talk.
It doesn’t make you look so great,
Your mouth takes a bad walk…

Don’t thank me for the cigarettes,
Just keep me from the smoke.
I know you hardly pay your debts.
On love you never choke.

On love you never choked…


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