Bittersweet lines from a pocket flyer (extract #1)

par Jullian Angel


Men’s extinction has begun.
The male functions will decline,
Following the drop of Y chromosomes.
Eventually, we’ll become super idols carved in marble,
Topped by a gigantic phallus, to watch on a memorial trip,
At the amusement park.
Something funny and entertaining,
Like was manhood after all, when it bred no violence.

Around a century after, we may not even be missed.
Not as procreators, fully supplied by science.
Not as fathers, specially in a manless world.
Even not as lovers. Ladies do it better, they say.

But more than a gender,
We were your haters, your worshippers.
We were glorious freaks, jokers, story-tellers,
Trouble-makers at the party.
We were gamblers, pretenders, performers on steroids,
Geniuses, or losers, unwilling to resign.

We weren’t kings, we were the fools at women’s court.
And we raised hell by fearing heavens.
Cheated on the best girls by fearing love.
Defined as men by fearing women.

You let us take the lead, and we fucked it up, right.
God knows we fucked it up.
But you’re gonna get so bored without us,
In your perfect womankind.
Bored and peaceful,
Growing hair for the coming ice age,
Like cavemen in a cheap sci-fi.
Like your sweetheart, the cat.

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(some rights reserved / cc-by-nc-nd / 2014)