Apocalypse on trial (a street scenario)

par Jullian Angel

I remember that girl crossing the pavement to meet me,
Who surely thought I was some kind of a street writer…
Facing a brave teaser, I’d rather set my pencil free.
She was yet to rejoin her friends, heading for the near grocer’s.

And then God blew out the whole street…

The girl in that store never went back on the outside.
She probably guessed it would be happening,
When she said “I don’t wanna turn your inspiration dry,
Sorry if I’ve driven you out of your thinking”.

She knew I was gonna write the whole scene.

At first the pavement split out.
Then women started to shout,
Feeling her bones ready to crash,
Watching the men suddenly smashed.

I’d seen’em dead.
Now saw them die.
Yet no one bled,
That was a try.

No word to spread,
Not even “why ?”.
I turned my head.
I’m no one’s spy.

And as my hand it froze, all damage disappeared.
With the girl _I suppose, who left my page uncleared…

rue dévastée