par Jullian Angel

You are a feeling that blows up my life,
A tortuous needing I wish I could knife…
Still they did warn me, when I roved at school.
The teacher told this : « You’re lost, without rules ! »

But then I stole a devil’s glove,
To wipe the scald of my banished love…

I once was told,
But it’s stonger than I am.
My troubles have feelings,
They love you and all forbidden things, to death.

You are the ceiling that hangs up my rope…
I’m softly swinging,
Just like they were, till I made them fall.
To get relieved, I paid with my freedom.

How will I touch the heaven’s gold ?
I want your stuff, as I face the cold.

You gave too much,
Now it’s stronger than I am.
My troubles have feelings,
They love you, like everybody loves, to death.

And I don’t know if it’s a dream,
Anyway that was such a trip
To love you, my one addiction,
Right to death.

(Growin’ over your walls, I’ll find a way)

(subtitles for a piece of music that you may hear on this page)